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    Port Harcourt BizVest Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited (“ BizVest Cooperative” or “We” or “Us”) with registration number RS 33446 is a cooperative society that operates under the regulatory supervision and monitoring of Rivers State Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Investment.

    These Terms and Conditions guide your use of the services offered by the BizVest Cooperative (“Services”) offline or via its website (“the Platform”). They are to be read together with the BizVest Cooperative Bye-Laws (“BCL”).


    The Services offered by the BizVest Cooperative to its members include:

    • Savings at the interest rate specified on the website
    • Investment options at the rate specified on the website
    • Loan products for eligible customers*

    Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before proceeding to use the Platform or services. By using the Platform, you agree unequivocally to the Terms and Conditions contained herein. We may amend, modify or substitute the Terms and Conditions and would provide you with reasonable notice including without limitation by posting the revised terms on the Platform. It is recommended that you regularly check for any updates or amendments to these Terms & Conditions.


    The Services offered by the BizVest Cooperative to its members include:

    • In order to be able to use the Platform, you would be required to set up an account with a User Name and a strong password.

    • It is your sole responsibility to ensure that:

      • You create a strong and unique password
      • Your username and password are kept confidential and are only used by you at all times.
    • You agree that the security of your user name, and password is solely your own responsibility. You would be responsible for all activities that take place using your user name when you have knowledge that another individual has access to your login details.

    • If you fail to protect your User ID and password, you may allow unauthorized persons to:

      • use the Platform through your profile,

      • correct, change, verify, or send data using the Platform

      • send information to, or receive information from BizVest Cooperative or its affiliates, or

      • access your electronic information or communications and financial data.

    • You acknowledge that protecting your User ID and password is very important to limit the above risks. BizVest is not and will not be responsible for security breaches as a result of your failure to secure your online account, user name and/or password. This also applies to access of BizVest Cooperative with the fingerprint feature by 3rd party individuals whose fingerprint details have been saved on the mobile device that has the BizVest mobile application installed.

    • If you believe that your account password has been compromised in any way, or you become aware of any loss or theft of, or any unauthorized use of, your User name or password, or transaction on your account, please notify BizVest immediately via email to Info@bizvest.co.

    • You shall be fully responsible for any misuse or compromise to your account of which BizVest Cooperative is not properly notified. If any security violations are believed to have occurred in association with your account at any time, you hereby authorise BizVest Cooperative to suspend all access to your account pending an investigation and resolution. You also agree that BizVest Cooperative has the right to cooperate in any government, legal or other investigation regarding any aspect of the Services or your use of the Platform.

    • You must not use any other person’s User name and password to access our website.

    • BizVest Cooperative may disable your account on the website at any time at our sole discretion without notice or explanation. Disabling your account does not affect your investment and is for your protection to prevent online access to your account for the duration required to resolve any outstanding issues.

    • The right to use the Platform shall not in any way be assigned or transferred, without the express written consent of BizVest Cooperative.


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